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  Welcome to your home away from home. Home
New owner Bazi Dukhan has taken over 45 Broadway Lodge from Sharks rugby player, Skipper Badenhorst and his wife, Sandra promising the same excellent service with no break in continuity.

45 Broadway Lodge is an excellent alternative to hotels in Durban. We offer executive and holiday accommodation. Ideally situated between Durban Central and Umhlanga Rocks and the North Coast playground of KZN.

Whether traveling to Durban on business or pleasure, 45 Broadway Lodge is the ideal place to be, a home away from home!

We offer a tranquil and comfortable stay in our 5 en-suite rooms. All the rooms have secure parking, separate entrances, air-conditioning, TV, mini fridge, tea and coffee facilities and the rooms get serviced daily.

Bazi Dukhan invites you to come and enjoy his beautiful home and promises a relaxed and comfortable stay.